Monday, August 27, 2012

first book for everything

(look, it's been only one day and I'm already writing a new blog. )

For years its a dream of mine to publish a book of my work but never felt like it was the right time. 
But I think it's time...and can't wait no longer. 

I can have a book about my art, but as a collector of antique books I decided my book will be also about being a book and not just a bunch of paintings. I want to make the book the old way as much as it actually possible (which is not a lot), I want to hand draw the designs in it and on it and I want it to show how much I love books and how much I'm thankful of making one. 

So, my book will be inspired by the antique series of German books, Goethe Werks, which I own for over ten years. the book is so magnificent and and old worldly. Definitely the nicest books in my collection. 

With fabric hard cover, engraved in back and gold leaf, glossy pages made with bisque and endless  original symbols, illustrations and designs, so beautiful that I have no words to describe them. This book weights a ton and lately I take with me everywhere. 

For the past month like in every year I was away on vacation in Israel and a short visit to Barcelona, there I had time to really focusing on creating original art for it. 

here is the book followed with my own design for my book. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Facebook Vs. crime and ninjas

I'm not sure why, but one day I decided to blog. it was a long time ago. it didn't last.

blogging is not easy, you need to actually say something and not only declare what you are doing now or what did you have for dinner. also, I find expressing your mood in one sentence much easier than writing a whole blog. let's not even get too much into the fact that my english is only so so.

but after a a few years of describing my self in one sentence or less, I realized that I'm saying nothing and no one cares anyway.

I started thinking that announcing things in such a way makes us believe we are some kind of a Kardashian and that the mediocre things we think or do actually need to be shared with the world.

as an artist I do love to share, but more than just my food and moments of irritation but my real most secrete feelings. my art, my passion, my love and my hates.

I am so disappointed in myself for turning into this meaningless creature with a fancy cell phone that gives himself this pretentious value.

so I declared one last time (for now anyway), that I'm done with facebook and off to fight crime and ninjas for profit cause its more fun and profitable.
a moment after I posted this announcement I kept checking likes and comments, because habits will be habits. since then, I allow myself to read personal messages via facebook but I don't let myself check my stupid profile anymore! cause habits sometimes need to go the f away!

I really wish I would have the energy to put more effort into my blog. its more like a shared diary.

gotta go, I see a ninja hiding in a tree...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wow, am I the worst blogger or what. I have so much that I want to share and write about but always a little too shy because I make so many misspells and idiotic grammar mistakes.
this time I've decided to show you a work in progress, this is the largest painting I have ever made and it will be featured in NYC SCOPE art fair this march.
I hat to work on this painting in a very stressful manner with out too much sleep, and while sleeping keep thinking about this painting.
first I make an ugly composition layout in photo shop.

than I transfer the composition on a bored and start to draw all the detail that will be on the finished version. it's a little bit like paint by color.

this is not a finished version, I'm going to leave it for a week or so and will be back for final touches and details.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

new home, studio and cats

so, do you remember how last year was all about how I'm never in one place? I was living for month in Philly and them one month in NY. after that, traveling back and forth Europe, Israel, East Coast, West Coast...and I didn't mention it because it was too sad, my cat which I loved dearly died from an old age (she was over 16 years old). so I'm so happy to have a home! I moved to Oakland. I have a big beautiful studio. I just love it! and after it's been a year since my cat died, I got 2 new cats. they don't like each other which makes me sad, but I love them both!

Friday, October 29, 2010

this year seems to be the year which I'm doing to many group shows. I'm working on so many paintings at once which most defiantly drives me crazy but I found out I'm being inspired by stress.
in November I'll be showing in to wonderful group shows that I'm very exited about.
Thinkspace Gallery is having it's 5 years Anniversary group show with so many amazing artist as Natalia Fabia, Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol atc.
the second one will be the Sanrio 50 Anniversary show. each artist was asked to make a painting which will include one from the many wonderful character of the company who brought you Hello Kitty. I chose My Melody and Hello Kitty...I'm mean, really! they are too fucking cute!
in the end of the month I'll be showing my largest piece ever at SCOPE Miami and I'm so exited about that!

Dec is going to be even crazier, a small solo show at Copro Nason, Dec 18th.
soooooooo, if you are in LA or Miami, come say hi to one of my paintings :p

here is some sneak peak:

Monday, July 5, 2010

hot from the oven 2 New Prints

I'm happy to announce this two new prints from two wonderful galleries that I have the pleasure to work with.
you can get the first through the gallery London Miles.
it's come frames or not...and it got a funny number addition of 23


the second is for sale at Nucleus Gallery in LA. in addition of 50.
The Right Key

hope you like them as much as I do.

Monday, June 7, 2010

the painting who died and got back to life

so, remember the painting from the last blog?
well, I tried to varnish it...but instead of varnish I used white color by mistake and it got destroyed. after crying for an hour and eating a lot in order to relax I've decided to redo it bigger and hopefully better.
here is the process:
first underpaint


the new version in progress
l 001

black heart-NEW