Sunday, August 26, 2012

Facebook Vs. crime and ninjas

I'm not sure why, but one day I decided to blog. it was a long time ago. it didn't last.

blogging is not easy, you need to actually say something and not only declare what you are doing now or what did you have for dinner. also, I find expressing your mood in one sentence much easier than writing a whole blog. let's not even get too much into the fact that my english is only so so.

but after a a few years of describing my self in one sentence or less, I realized that I'm saying nothing and no one cares anyway.

I started thinking that announcing things in such a way makes us believe we are some kind of a Kardashian and that the mediocre things we think or do actually need to be shared with the world.

as an artist I do love to share, but more than just my food and moments of irritation but my real most secrete feelings. my art, my passion, my love and my hates.

I am so disappointed in myself for turning into this meaningless creature with a fancy cell phone that gives himself this pretentious value.

so I declared one last time (for now anyway), that I'm done with facebook and off to fight crime and ninjas for profit cause its more fun and profitable.
a moment after I posted this announcement I kept checking likes and comments, because habits will be habits. since then, I allow myself to read personal messages via facebook but I don't let myself check my stupid profile anymore! cause habits sometimes need to go the f away!

I really wish I would have the energy to put more effort into my blog. its more like a shared diary.

gotta go, I see a ninja hiding in a tree...

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