Friday, October 29, 2010

this year seems to be the year which I'm doing to many group shows. I'm working on so many paintings at once which most defiantly drives me crazy but I found out I'm being inspired by stress.
in November I'll be showing in to wonderful group shows that I'm very exited about.
Thinkspace Gallery is having it's 5 years Anniversary group show with so many amazing artist as Natalia Fabia, Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol atc.
the second one will be the Sanrio 50 Anniversary show. each artist was asked to make a painting which will include one from the many wonderful character of the company who brought you Hello Kitty. I chose My Melody and Hello Kitty...I'm mean, really! they are too fucking cute!
in the end of the month I'll be showing my largest piece ever at SCOPE Miami and I'm so exited about that!

Dec is going to be even crazier, a small solo show at Copro Nason, Dec 18th.
soooooooo, if you are in LA or Miami, come say hi to one of my paintings :p

here is some sneak peak:


  1. you have so much details in your artwork which are very inspiring :D
    I love the girl floating with the umbrella!

    Good luck to everything you're doing now :)

  2. I've only recently found your work and I adore it !
    Is your clothing line available online ?
    Katy x

  3. i hope you sell one of your paintings into prints again. love love your work!

  4. oh wow, I have just found you and your work. You are so talented, I just adore your images. Have you ever thought about having some made into rubber stamps or digi images for crafting/cardmaking????? I am sure they would be so popular. Will be back often,now following your blog

  5. love this post thanks for sharing xxxx

  6. I am a huge fan! I have "the station" as the skin on my mac! I see that you'll have shows in Cali & Florida.... do you ever make it to the NY area? I'd love to see your work in person!

  7. How exciting! I'm in Miami and very much looking forward to seeing one of your pieces in person! I'm a huge fan. =)

  8. I'm very happy because in the book shop where I work we are selling your postcards, I've bought them all! Your work is really beautiful ^^