Monday, August 27, 2012

first book for everything

(look, it's been only one day and I'm already writing a new blog. )

For years its a dream of mine to publish a book of my work but never felt like it was the right time. 
But I think it's time...and can't wait no longer. 

I can have a book about my art, but as a collector of antique books I decided my book will be also about being a book and not just a bunch of paintings. I want to make the book the old way as much as it actually possible (which is not a lot), I want to hand draw the designs in it and on it and I want it to show how much I love books and how much I'm thankful of making one. 

So, my book will be inspired by the antique series of German books, Goethe Werks, which I own for over ten years. the book is so magnificent and and old worldly. Definitely the nicest books in my collection. 

With fabric hard cover, engraved in back and gold leaf, glossy pages made with bisque and endless  original symbols, illustrations and designs, so beautiful that I have no words to describe them. This book weights a ton and lately I take with me everywhere. 

For the past month like in every year I was away on vacation in Israel and a short visit to Barcelona, there I had time to really focusing on creating original art for it. 

here is the book followed with my own design for my book. 


  1. Great idea, I love old books!!! You are such talented artist, I love your work and you are my favorite artist ever. If you make a book I will be the first to buy it. :)

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  3. Old German books are the best inspiration.