Thursday, August 14, 2008

where am I???

where was I? I was all over the world and all over the place. in mind and in body.
in the last 6 month I had some crazy getting along with my self experiences. first I got really exhausted after my Dreamcatcher show at I had in March thinkspace Gallery. before that I was visiting my family in Israel and when I got back I was so sad and had no paintings ready so I had tp look my self in my house and worked my self to insanity. so, when I got back from LA after this show, I crawled into my bad with my lovely cat and watched TV for two month.

then I had my wedding in May, and weddings makes you crazy! after that I went to Barcelona and south of France and then back to see my friends and family in Israel. all of that was so good that I had no reason to get back into reality. no thank!
what can I say, in Barcelona people are cool and they don't go to sleep ever I think. I liked it so much more then California that I got sad again...but the food really not great and I like food...but then France, the land of foie grae cheese and wine. but I don't know French so I couldn't really get a long.
Israel was all coffee and beach...and again, I got sad leaving.

ok ok...what now, I got back...sinch had a week vacation at San Diego Comicon and a short visit to NYC...but FUCK, I need to work... (pardon my French).

I have a show coming up in November at Copro Nason Santa Monica.

I made a bunch of paintings but I'm sharing only this ones with you...hope you like'm...please help me get back to's so hard...
as you can see this show is about moving and traveling and some sleeping...I didn't have anything better to say I guess...I'm crossing the ocean all day long.


  1. i wanna say that i fall in love for your work... just love,love,love.. and i'm very sad cause in my country i can't find nothing like them.... hope to see more works from you soon.... big kiss.. and keep this beautifull work!!